Bespoke health management

The service

This is a high end bespoke ‘health management’ service where the patient’s health and fitness is collated and organised across the board, and if required across the world via personal communication and physical appointments alongside provision of a central 'electronic health and fitness file’.

This service includes home visits and high levels of accessibility. 

The patient can provide this file to all therapists, GPs, consultants and trainers whom they work with to maintain a common objective, and up to date personal development alongside consistent goals and pathways for their health and fitness.

 These pathways cover musculoskeltal function,  nutrition, lifestyle, ergonomics and health physiology.

The detail

Consistently I find that patients have had various scans and tests including x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, blood tests, nutritional testing and other functional health tests but these tests are not stored in one place, collated, filed or related to each other.

In addition, the findings from these tests are often one; not correlated and two; not incorporated into the health and exercise program of these patients.

With health tech and new exercise approaches abundant I also often see that patients approach to their health and fitness is not optimised, developed or modernised as regularly as it should be. This is particularly relevant when we consider changes that may happen in patient’s lives, bodies and logistics, and the dynamic development of the health and exercise industry.

Unfortunately, when patients go to appointments within private health, all too often the consultant does not have the history of the patient or is not fully prepared. If the patient has their ‘health file’ wherever they go this will optimise their appointment time and effectiveness.

Often patients have ongoing issues that they are living with, but no-one is keeping an eye on improvement in care and research around new ways to manage these issues. (i.e. ongoing migraine or cardiac abnormalities).