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If you know anyone who is isolated and/or lonely and particularly struggling with pain or would benefit from exercise for physical and mental health, then every week I am offering some 'free' 15 minute online sessions to provide a few simple exercises, stretches and advice.

Contact [email protected] for more details.

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Top five exercises for isolation - The Turkish get up

Coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength are all challenged with the practice of this movement. 

Back in the day, people were tested not on how much they could squat and deadlift, but rather how much they could Turkish get-up!

Start with a light weight and learn the movement first and then progress.

4 - 8 reps each side.
1 - 3 sets.
Rest for 2 - 3 minutes between sets.

Top five exercises for isolation - The sun salutation

This exercise incorporates a sequence of yoga moves to stretch, strengthen, mobilise and invigorate.

The breath is important during this exercise and during this time. 

This is a great exercise to start your day

Work through repeating the movement for 5 - 15 minutes

Top five exercsies for isolation - Tibetan 5 rites of rejuvenation 

While trying to think of something to top the last two 'all round' exercises I remembered that I used to use this as a practice and also as an end stage tool for lower back rehabilitation. 

It has been anecdotally reported that this regime has many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The effects are thought to restore a person's vitality and strength. Due to these benefits, the Five Tibetan Rites are traditionally known as the “Fountain of Youth!”

Perform 10 - 21 repetitions of each movement taking three long breaths in between each movement.

If you do have acute lower back pain at the moment these movements will be too aggressive at present. Email and I can send you some alternatives. 


[email protected]

Managing pain in isolation  

The document you will open will cover

1 – cold and heat

2 – exercise

3 – stretching

4 – mind body exercises

5 – listening to music, speaking to friends and time spent in nature

6 - therapeutic massage

7 – massage gun

8 – de compressive positions and devices

9 – pain education

10 – Dr Keith Bush Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Physician

11 - Dr Sharma. Integrated medical doctor utilising conventional, functional and complementary medicine

Also, if you need, or you know - possibly older or less fit people - who need to keep up their fitness levels but can't get out, then just click on this link/send it on.

It is a clinically designed gentle exercise program with low stress on joints.

Isolation Programs

This may help you personally, or you may have friends, neighbours, parents or other members of your family who are concerned with exercising safely and appropriately for their fitness level at this time.

Below are two clinically designed simple and safe templates with many choices within them that have low stress on joints.
Please do share them and contact me if you need further guidance. 

Chair based program

Simple cardiovascular isolation program

Warm wishes

[email protected]

Advice regarding exercise

-Do not over exercise as this will lower your immune system for a short period

-Unless you are of an excellent level of fitness be wary of sustained exercise at a high intensity, which will also lower your immune system for a short period.

-Be wary of gym environments and cleanliness


Advice regarding pain

-The anxieties around the virus at the moment will quite naturally create increased tension in some of your muscles.

-Often the more fragile or painful regions react first because they have a stronger relationship with the output from the brain and subsequently the nervous system.

Try to use techniques to keep your muscles relaxed:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Talking to friends
  • Time in nature

If we consider meditation as a technique to ultimately achieve an ‘active relaxation’ with the breath. Then (as with anything that is practised and repeated continuously) the more potential we have to find this more ‘relaxed’ feeling and create less tension in our muscles when we are ‘out in life’.