Andrew Jackson Physiotherapy

Andrew Jackson, Chartered Physiotherapist.

Andrew has been working in the field of rehabilitation, pain, sport, health and exercise for more than 20 years alongside medical care. 

Andrew works with patients from both ends of the spectrum; complicated cases that others are reluctant to take on as well as athletes who demand great attention to detail.

His approach utilises many of the techniques and methods he has learnt during his extensive travels around the world studying with leading professionals in the fields of osteopathy, C.H.E.K, physiotherapy, Voyer, sports science, neuromuscular therapy, yoga and many other related disciplines.

Andrew believes in a bespoke and clinical approach and that healing and recovery from pain and injury happen when his patients feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease.

This, alongside the philosophy to treat with manual therapy and coach with exercise alongside a huge referral network to other health and medical specialists encompasses his approach.